XTC Best Band Ever

XTC is the best band ever. Period.


 How did you first come into contact with Andy Partridge, and do you remember how you felt when you first met him?



Thomas: I came into contact with him through a Ouija Board that I found in a skip. No, it was through Dave Gregory, who did some string arrangements on our Jollity album around 2004. Andy and Dave were still good friends then but they're not quite as close now, although they're still mates for life I'm sure. We used to all meet up for dinner and Andy went [about Pugwash], "This is the best stuff I've heard in years; I want this band on my label." He got in touch, we became friends over the phone and then we went to go meet him; we used to round his house, had many dinners.






Tosh: He'd play songs in his kitchen.



Thomas: We used to go to XTC gigs, you know, and suddenly him and Dave would play XTC songs to us in his front room, even stuff from the 'wilderness years'. It was a dream come true because XTC had been one of my favourite bands for years. But Andy shouldn't be a businessman, you know; he's too nice a person deep down to be in business, and when he goes into business he becomes not such a nice person. It wasn't easy. I don't want to paint it all in a bad way because we did some amazing stuff, and I'm sure one day we'll all hug and make up. Just as long as he hugs me with a ten-grand cheque in his pocket!